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What is sex therapy?

Sex Therapy involves a range of therapeutic processes and exercises which can be used to initiate, to restore and to enrich both the individual's sexuality and/or the sexual components of an intimate relationship.

Sex therapy is based on the guiding belief that:
    • sexuality can be a healthy, positive and rewarding part of life.
    • emotional & physical intimacy are desirable goals.

Sex therapy takes place in a supportive atmosphere in which partners or individuals can talk about their sexual, emotional and relationship issues with a specially trained professional who is knowledgeable and comfortable with human sexuality.

Individuals and partners often encounter sexual problems and concerns at various times in their intimate relationships. Certified Sex Therapists have academic, clinical and supervised training and experience in sexual matters and in their treatment.

Sex Therapy helps people learn more about their body and feel at ease with the range of sexual feelings. Developing physical, sexual, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being contributes to a healthy sexual functioning. Many people feel uninformed about how sexual responses can affect the enjoyment of sex.

Sexual Intimacy is more than physical sex. Sexual intimacy strengthens the closeness and caring bond between partners. Sexual intimacy is about being comfortable making sexual requests. This is especially important in today's pressured society. Dissatisfaction with the sexual aspects of a couple relationship and the loss of shared intimacy and trust may lead to feelings which threaten the total relationship.

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