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Members Emeritus

Certified / Honourary members who have made a special contribution to ASTO, and are no longer practicing clinicians:

  • Dr. Noam Chernick

  • Dr. Beryl Chernick
  • Claude Guldner PhD - Deceased
  • Dixie Guldner MSW- Deceased 
  • Lila Russel MSW - Deceased
  • Dr. Axel Russel -Deceased 
  • Elizabeth Huss MSW 
  • Judith Golden B.S.W.,M.Ed
  • Ann Barrett  (Honourary member)
  • Michael Barrett PhD - Deceased (Honourary Member)
  • Dr. John Lamont 
  • Susan Neeb MSW
  • Sharon Klinck MSc
  • Neil Lackey B.Sc., M.Div
  • Joan Marsman MSc
  • Wendy Trainor
  • Irene Jane Oudyk-Suk MSW, RP -Deceased
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