Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy & Counselling in Ontario

BESTCO Spring 2021 Meeting

  • 6 May 2021
  • 8:30 AM
  • 7 May 2021
  • 4:00 PM
  • Online

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  • Zoom link will be provided on May 4th, 2021
  • Online registration ends May 1st, 2021
    • Cancellation can be made with full refund minus a $5 processing fee up until April 15th.
    • April 16-30th - partial refund for cancellation with a $50 processing fee.
    • No refund from May 1st on.
  • Guests are welcome to attend all day Thursday, Thursday evening, and on Friday starting at 10:40 am
  • A link will be sent out with the meeting details the day before the meeting
  • Please have headphones on hand as you will need them for the meeting

Thursday May 6 Education Module Agenda

8:30 - 9:00 Welcome
9:00 - 10:30 Case Consultations
10:30 - 10:40 Break
10:40 - 10:55 Marriage in the Time of COVID – Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction among Married Midlife Americans Robin Milhausen, PhD
10:55 - 11:55 Sexual Chemistry Sigrun Sigurjonsdottir, MA, RP, RMFT
11:55 - 1:00 Folding Sex therapy into Attachment Irene Oudyk-Suk, MSW, RSW, RP
1:00 - 1:30 Lunch
1:30 - 2:40 Sex Toys, Tips and Tools for Every Body Carlyle Jansen, MA, RP (Qualifying)
2:40 - 3:50 STIs and Birth Control: An Update and How To Heather Jamieson, RNA, AWCCA
3:50 Feedback

BESTCO Spring Meeting Evening Presentation (6:30-8:30)

(online meet & mingle 6:30 - 7:00; presentation begins at 7:00)
Pleasure-focused Practices for Solo or Partnered Sex Luna Matatas

How can we use pleasure practices to empower clients? Whether someone is seeking more confidence in the bedroom, more mindfulness or more excitement - pleasure practices can open up new ways of approaching familiar erotic situations. Luna Matatas, Sex and Pleasure Educator, will share techniques, ideas and practices to help clients with:

  • Deepening connection to sensuality
  • Mixing up masturbation
  • Spicing things up in the bedroom
  • Communicating fantasies and desires
  • Getting out of your head and back to the body during sex

This workshop is presentation style and Luna welcomes Q & A throughout.

Friday May 7 Agenda

8:00 - 8:30 Meet and Mingle
:30 - 9:00 Welcome
9:00 - 10:30 BUSINESS MEETING (BESTCO members only)
Reminder: Associates and Affiliates can’t vote. We do welcome your input in any discussions.
10:30 - 10:40 Break
10:40 - 10:45 Welcome guests
10:45 - 11:45 Case Presentation: “Finding Agency: A Journey Through Sexual Shame and Anxiety” Sarah Dale, MSc., RP.
11:50-12:50 Case Presentation: “Navigating the Sexual and Relational Impacts of Sexsomnia” Susan Browning, RP, RMFT
12:50 - 1:30 Lunch and networking
1:30 - 2:30 Case Presentation: “Disrupting Sexual Narratives” Nicole 
Schroeder, BSW, MSW, RSW

2:30 - 2:40 Break
2:40 - 3:40 Case Presentation: “A Missing Piece: Reclaiming Womanhood (and Orgasms) After Hysterectomy” Fiona MacDonell, M.A., R.P., C.C.C.
3:40 - 4:00 Good and Welfare

Presenter Bios

Susan Browning, RP, RMFT

Susan Browning is a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO) and a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (CAMFT & AAMFT/OAMFT) who practices in London, Ontario. She has been a member of AAMFT since 2004 and has been a member of CAMFT since its inception and is completing her supervisory training for CAMFT this spring. She is also a certified supervisor with CRPO. She currently works with 7 interns completing their certification. Sue worked for eleven years in community counselling at both KW Counselling and Family Service Thames Valley. In this capacity she worked as a clinical counsellor, workplace consultant and critical incident specialist and trainer. She also worked briefly with Homewood Health. Sue has been in private practice for the past 6 years. She specializes in couple’s therapy, sex therapy and trauma therapy. Sue is also an ordained minister with the United Church of Canada. She integrates her interest in spirituality and sexuality through, research, writing and clinical practice. 

Sarah Dale, MSc., RP

Sarah Dale is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). She obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology from Brock University, and her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counselling from Niagara University. She has also completed post-graduate training in couple and family therapy, and sex therapy, through the University of Guelph. She is an Associate member of BESTCO, and an Associate member of CAMFT working towards the designation of RMFT. She currently works in Toronto in private practice, with a focus on individual, relationship, and sex therapy.

Heather Jamieson, RNA, AWCCA

Heather Jamieson, a Sexual Health Counsellor & Educator, has been working as a sexual health counsellor and educator at Hassle Free Clinic for over 20 years. She has been providing informative counselling and educational sessions about sexual and reproductive health to a diverse population with a specific focus supporting reproductive choices. She has extensive counselling experience and has taught sexual health counselling to the Midwifery Education Program, to 2nd Year Medical students at University of Toronto as well as to other service providers over the years.

Carlyle Jansen, MA, RP (Qualifying)

Carlyle Jansen, Sex Therapist, and Educator, is the founder of Good For Her, a sexuality store and workshop centre in Toronto. She has been leading sexuality workshops, helping individuals discover their authentic pleasure, and supporting couples in deepening their relationships since 1995. She is now also qualified as a psychotherapist focused on sex and intimacy. She is the author of Sex Yourself and Anal Sex Basics. You can connect with Carlyle through

Fiona MacDonell M.A., R.P., C.C.C.

Fiona MacDonell M.A., R.P., C.C.C. is a registered psychotherapist working in private practice in Ottawa, Ontario where she has been offering individual, relationship and sex therapy since 2013. Fiona also works as a clinical supervisor for Masters of Arts in Counselling students at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. She has been an associate member of BESTCO since 2018.

Luna Matatas

Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator with over 10 years of experience teaching sexual health and empowerment workshops. She celebrates body confidence, self-adoration and building shame-free pleasure in and out of the bedroom. She teaches a wide range of topics; including threesomes, BDSM, butt stuff and sexual confidence. Her advice on sex and kink has been featured in Playboy, Cosmo, Vice, Women's Health and Pornhub. Luna created Peg the Patriarchy® and Meditate Medicate Masturbate brands as part of her line of sex-positive and feminist merchandise.

Robin Milhausen, PhD

Robin Milhausen is a Professor at the University of Guelph and an Affiliate Member of BESTCO. Her research has focused in recent years on factors that are associated with sexual and relational wellbeing, particularly among midlife adults. Work with current graduate students includes projects on body image and sexuality, motivations for sex and infidelity, and navigating consensual non-monogamy. In this brief presentation, Milhausen will share findings from two national studies of midlife Americans, data collected one-month and nine-months into the pandemic, aiming to tease out what factors differentiate thriving from struggling relationships.

Irene Oudyk-Suk, MSW, RSW, RP

Irene Oudyk-Suk MSW, RSW, RP trained simultaneously in Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy (EFCT) and Sex Therapy, achieving certification in both (ICEEFT and BESTCO) in Fall, 2009. Irene is moving to Kingston in July. She’ll keep her Couples in Step practice in Toronto going by way of associate therapists while she narrows her focus to intensives and retreats. Couples In Step works exclusively with couples using an EFCT lens.

Nicole Schroeder, BSW, MSW, RSW

Nicole Schroeder is a social worker who lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. She works in an outpatient gynaecology clinic at a downtown Toronto hospital and in private practice with individuals and couples. Her areas of particular interest are in chronic vulvar conditions and in the power of changing and evolving sexual narratives. 

Sigrun Sigurjonsdottir, MA, RP, RMFT

Sigrun Sigurjonsdottir was born and raised in Iceland, has a Master degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from The University of Central Florida and post graduate studies in Human Sexuality from the International Institute of Clinical Sexology in Miami. Sigrun draws from Solution Focused Therapy, CBT, and Emotionally Focussed Therapy, Gottman levels 1 and 2, EMDR and specializes in sex therapy.

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