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Who seeks sex therapy?

Heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals are counselled by Certified Sex Therapists for concerns which include:
  • absence of orgasm
  • erection or ejaculation difficulties
  • illness/surgery, and medications, diabetes, M.S., high blood pressure physical injury or difficulties
  • sexual trauma (incest, sexual abuse/ assault)
  • mismatched levels of sexual desire
  • infertility
  • fear, anxiety, depression, infidelity
  • natural aging processes
Sex Therapists facilitate a person's ability to be creative in reaching his or her sexual potential.

Sex therapy is appropriate for:

  • couples wishing for more intimacy
  • couples unable to talk about sex
  • individuals with sexual inhibitions
  • compulsive sexual behaviour
  • sexual identity questions
  • talking to children about sex
  • fostering healthy sexual development
  • individuals wanting to improve their sexual functioning
  • sexual orientation issues

A qualified sex therapist:

  • is knowledgeable
  • is at ease talking about sexuality
  • is sensitive to relationship issues
  • is non-judgmental
  • is respectful of your feelings, cultural beliefs, values and privacy.
  • never asks you to engage in any form of sexual activity with your therapist present.