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BESTCO and Leading Edge Seminars present

The New Rules of Marriage:
A Relational Life Therapy Approach to Couples and Couples Therapy

Led by Terry Real, MSW, L.I.C.S.W.
November 10-11, 2011 9:00am to 4:30pm
569 Spadina Ave., Toronto

To hear Terry Real answer some questions, click on the links below:

Situation #1:

Have you encountered this before? “Once the husband backed off and became more moderate in his behaviour, rather than coming closer to her husband in an emotionally healthy way, the wife became rebellious, powerful and demanding.” What would Terry do? Listen here. (time 00:03:20)

Situation #2:

Here is Terry’s take on a perennial difficulty: how do you help a couple move forward after an affair? “The wife feels resentful that her husband is not there for her emotionally. She has withheld sex from him as a way of expressing her anger for more than half their marriage (5 years). The husband has been emotionally shut down and acts out by having an affair.” Listen here. (time 00:03:56)

Situation #3:

“You have written that men are not socialized with the skills of intimacy. What challenges do you think this poses for long-term relationships between two men?” Listen here. (time 00:04:03)